Monday, December 31, 2012

Stalkers and Bullies Are Just Like Adam Lanza

Murdering 20 kids and 6 adults is evil. Our society is getting more complex, complicated and crazy everyday. Predators, stalkers, bullies, proxy bullies and proxy stalkers are everywhere. As I write this morning a proxy stalker is sitting across from me, at the place I am staying at. Stalkers, bullies and proxy stalkers slowly murder lives, everyday. Are you a victim of someone else's actions?

Stalkers are intelligent and have the ability to know every move their victims make. They can reach into phone lines, your emails, computer, know every key you type, have chips put into your body or teeth to be able to locate you any second. Does this sound like a good life? It sounds like a life of control and being controlled by another person, is not a life, it is slow murder, torture and a death sentence for the victim. It is a lonely and isolated life.

I use to be against guns. Never even wanted to own a gun, all though I remember my brothers having a BB gun when we were kids, that was the extent of guns in my life. But I have changed my mind, after being stalked and preyed upon, like vultures do to their prey.  Guns are needed for protection. Our world is not the same as it was five or ten years ago. It is getting more ugly everyday. You never know when a gun might protect you and others?

People have lost respect for themselves and others. Integrity is a lost virtue, by many. You are to compete for a partner, compete in the workplace, compete at school. Competition breeds aggressive people and some of these people will  do whatever it takes, to get what they want, at all costs. The norm for love and healthy relationships has changed. These days, it is all about sex, sex, sex. If you are not willing to have sex the first or second night you go out with someone, you are a loser.

Turn on the T.V. and watch and listen to the commercials. You need to look a certain way, buy certain products, talk a certain way, take the right pills, lose weight to get a partner and the list goes on. No wonder young girls, are obsessed with what they look like. Society is telling them if you do not look like this you are a loser. You don't even have to watch T.V. shows or movies to understand the influence they have on minds, all you have to do is listen to them. They give ideas to people, to create these exact scenes in real life. Especially when people are obsessed with the T.V.

Read this chilling article How Bullying Creates Suicide Bombers and you will understand the destructive effects, bullying has on teenagers and anyone for that matter. Here is a paragraph from the article:

Although the vast majority of people who are harassed or persecuted do not seek to escape through death, a recent meta-analysis of 37 independentstudies showed that bullying greatly increases victims’ likelihood of suicidal behavior. The determining factor is usually the interaction between victims’ personal psychological vulnerabilities and the types of trauma they experience. Some people can stand up to the worst forms of cruelty without losing their will to live, while others struggle to ever recover from being victimized. In the cases of suicide, these individuals’ sense of violation and humiliation is so deep and overwhelming that it permanently shatters their worldview, and they become convinced that they will never be happy again.
If you want people who want to die, you either find volunteers who are already depressed or suicidal, or you break the spirits of vulnerable individuals and kill the life force within them

What are we teaching our kids? We are destroying them, abusing them and terrorizing them. We are creating kids that go out into the world and kill others, because they have been terribly abused. We are neglecting to be responsible for our actions as adults and parents. When will we ever learn life is fragile, life is short, life is for living, not sacrificing, terrorizing and tormenting?

Tomorrow is another year. It is the year of 2013. Can we make better choices, take actions of integrity, not going with the flow, stand up when someone is being abused, stalked, bullied or terrorized.? I implore you, urge you and challenge you to stop doing what others tell you to do, question authority, and start taking actions of integrity. Because you could be contributing, to creating another Adam Lanza.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Italian women protest misogynist priest: Violence against women ‘an emergency’

Women in Carrara, Italy protested at Sunday mass against a misogynistic priest who suggested women incited domestic and sexual violence against themselves...  
Read and watch video @:  
The Raw Story

South Africa: 7 die during fitness tests

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South African media say provincial authorities are investigating the deaths of seven job-seekers who collapsed in the heat while undergoing a fitness test for positions as traffic officers.
The chief transport official for KwaZulu-Natal province, Willies Mchunu, has suspended further test in the meantime.
The state-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation reported that several tens of thousands of people took the fitness test late last week, even though only 90 jobs were available...  Read rest @: Yahoo
What workplace bullying looks like, before you get the job! A sad world we live in.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anonymous Rallies for Justice for 16-Year-Old Rape Victim

This is a sad, seedy, predictable story about small town protectionism, only in this story, rape protectionism meets Internet warriors for justice. Silencing victims? Not so fast, little town.

Read and watch video @Politicususa 

Make all involved in the rape of the steubenville scandal be pushed out of Juvenile court so there can be real justice... Sign Petition

How Bullying Creates Suicide Bombers

Three years ago when a Jordanian suicide bomber killed 7 U.S. intelligence officers, jihadists praised his bravery and the CIA blamed his ideology, but bullying explains his treachery. Adam Lankford on how we misunderstand the psychology of suicide bombers...  Read rest @:  The Daily Beast 

This is a must read article.

Indians Protest Brutal Rape of Young Woman Who Died Today

Picture of the day: This picture isn’t new, it’s from December 24, but it needs to be seen, especially since the 23-year-old female medical student who was brutally gang-raped in India died today as a result of her injuries...  
Read rest @:  Politicususa

US Whistleblowers on Being Targeted by the Secret Security State

The Chaos Communication Congress (29C3), which organizers describe as “an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia,” began on December 27. Yesterday, this blog featured Tor software developer and WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum’s talk. Later in the day, three United States whistleblowers gave presentations, which should be considered required viewing...  
Read rest and watch video :  Fire Dog Lake

This is a form of stalking and bullying. When someone stands up for ethical reasons against a person, group or organization.

Stalking, Hacking And Sentencing

As Wikipedia notes, stalking “is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person.”  It is also a crime, a relatively new crime: As Wikipedia alsonotes, between 1990 and 1993, “every state in the United States” made stalking a crime. Indiana was one of those states.
And over the last decade and a half, a new type of stalking – cyber-stalking – emerged and became a serious problem.  This post examines a recent decision from the Indiana Court of Appeals in which it reviewed a challenge to a cyber-stalking conviction and the sentence imposed on the defendant:  McClellan v. State, 2012 WL 6082749 (Indiana Court of Appeals 2012)...  Read rest @:  Cybr3crim3

Telephones, Computers and Sending Indecent Text Messages

As this news story explains, in May of 2011 Marlek E. Holmes was “arrested . . . and charged with sending indecent text messages to a minor” in violation of New York law. 

He was later convicted “upon his guilty plea of, inter alia, disseminating indecent material to minors in the first degree” in violation of New York Penal Law § 235.22.  People v. Holmes,  ___ N.Y.S.2d ___, 2012 WL 6634795 (New York Supreme Court Appellate Division 2012)...  Read rest @:   Cyb3rcim3

Quote of The Day

Stalked all the way across the Atlantic: Terror of ex-lover at hands of Wall Street banker who chased her to London

A high-flying investment banker has thrown away his career by stalking a beautiful colleague.

David Gray, 28, is almost certain to be sacked from his prestigious role at JP Morgan after a passionate affair spiralled into an uncontrolled obsession.

The wealthy American analyst was yesterday convicted of harassing Daniela Rausnitz, 25, after she transferred to the global finance giant’s London offices to escape him.

Read rest @:  Mail Online

Stalking Is a Problem Everywhere, Including Indian Country

Tamela Dawson dated—and dumped—the wrong man. “It started with psychological warfare,” Dawson, of Cherokee descent, recalled of a harrowing experience that began when she was living in Santa Rosa, California. She came home one day to find that her furniture had been rearranged and the crotches torn from her underwear...  Read rest @:  Indian Country

Friday, December 28, 2012

Trying To Grasp The Why Of It All

Wow. I have been through a whirl wind of crazy. Like a tornado that happens every single day. When one of my stalkers proxy spies asked me, "if I had a good life?" He knew the answer to that question. It has been a life, I could have never imagined. But it is what it is and I missed out on important years and peoples lives. The insanity has taken a toll on all my relationships. Created a divide and conquer situation to the utmost degree. I am human, have feelings, and deserve to voice my anger.

Why and how did this all happen? What part did I play in this and what have I learned? Through this challenge, I absolutely realized there is no god. I am an atheist. I respect where others are in there journey, but I am an atheist. I have been physically sick worrying, if something was going to happen to the people I asked support from. Not knowing what really and truly was going on. It was all a very dark secret and still is today. Secrets always have a dark connotation to them.

I wonder if this will ever fizzle out. There has been so much damage. I think a man would be better off, with someone that did not have to go through what I did. Someone, that was not tainted. Then whoever he is with can start with a clean fresh slate. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I wish for good friends that don't want to play games and will treat me with respect.

The New Year is a few days away. But everyday is a new day, you do not need a new year to make some drastic changes, because they usually do not last. We are an accumulation of what we have been. I don't get joy out of terrorizing other people, but I have to stand up for myself. It is a fine line to walk and discern. I miss Corrine and Robert and have worried about them. May they be safe, happy and healthy.

May the year 2013 be a brighter year. I really and truly wish the best for Alireza Fatemi. I hope he finds what he is looking for, enjoys his life and is treated with love and respect. It has been an odd situation and I am not sure what has really gone on, but I hope it all works out for him.

Bullies and a pile-up of victims — can we finally address our culture of aggression and violence?

But while there is evidence that some sociopaths may come out of the womb that way, it’s clear the vast majority of these men acting out with weapons in horrific ways didn’t just become that way overnight. We are doing something terribly wrong in raising our young men they are getting the message that violence is a successful way to get a leg up one-up on someone — or to force compliance rather than communicate or negotiate...  Read @: Fire Dog Lake

India gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The Indian gang-rape victim whose assault in New Delhi triggered nationwide protests died in hospital on Saturday of injuries suffered in the attack, a Singapore hospital treating her said...  
Read rest :  Yahoo News

College Student Wins Stalking Order Against Parents

A 21-year-old theatre student has obtained a civil stalking restraining order against her parents after convincing a judge that they attempt to control all aspects of her daily life... 
Read and watch video @: Yahoo News

Research Brief: All it Takes is One – Standing Up is Important to Get Others to Stand Up

Our recent Stop Bullying Video Challenge and our ongoing  Ad Council “Be More than a Bystander” campaign are helping to promote the message that it is up to all of us to stand up against bullying, even if we are not personally involved.
Newly published research in Children and Youth Services ReviewSite exit disclaimershows just how important being the one who stands up is in encouraging others to do the same.
Read rest @: Stop Bullying

I pledge in the year 2013 to be an advocate for the awareness of bullying and stalking. Pictures need to be taken of bullies, stalkers and their proxy stalkers and put on the internet. The general public needs to be aware of these people, for their kids and own safety.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Of Many Lessons I Learned

Do you know, you are being stalked? I did not, until after I met the man stalking my life. The pieces of the puzzle when put together, shows a pattern that has been going on for a very long time. Alireza Fatemi a man from the country Iran is my stalker, along with many many other people. I met this many walking down the street in San Clemente, California. He stopped his car and started talking to me, gave me his number and told me to call him. He was driving a silver Benz and looked like someone I had previously known.

I called this man and he asked me over to his apartment, overlooking the beach. I went over there the same day I met him. The apartment did not have much furniture at the time. We talked, played cards and then I left. The next time I again went over to his apartment. I asked him if he was married and he said, "no." This went on for a few weeks. He never took me out and basically begged me to stay over and wanted me to sleep with him. I did not want to sleep with him. But I did. A couple weeks later, he told me "it was just about sex."

After about another month of this odd relationship, not meeting anyone he knew, never going out on the town, I said to myself this is dysfunctional and something is not right. I told him I did not want to see him anymore. He called me after this periodically. Just to have sex. I met him in June 2004 and when I think back on my life, he definitely was terrorizing me before then.

The lessons I learned from this and want to share to help others that are dealing with a stalker are these. It is very important when you finally realize someone is stalking and terrorizing you to:

1. Take pictures of the person, or anyone you think is proxy stalking you with him or her.

2. Record verbal messages, phone calls, meetings with the person. 

3. Keep a stalking incident and behavior log

4. Call the police and report actions that are harmful and abusive. Report everything because it is not one or two things that will convict them, it is a pattern of events and behaviors. 

5. Hopefully you will have friends and family on your team. My family and friends turned on me and took the rich and famous stalkers side. Use these people for support and let them know if the stalker tries to call them, to notify you. 

The stalker in my life terrorized me so much, with so many other people, it was hard to keep up with everything. But if you can do the things above, you should have a better chance of pressing charges or catching the stalker in action. It can be a very exhausting, violent, abusive and destructive life. It is not your fault. You did nothing to make the stalker terrorize you. It is their own insecurities and dysfunctions that makes them terrorize their victims. They prey on independent, vivacious, inspirational people. Stalkers love to suck the life out of you. That gives them great joy. Remember it is not about you, it is about them. They can be extreme terrorists.

Indian Teen Who Was Gang-Raped Commits Suicide After Police Refuse to Investigate Attackers

In mid-November in India, an unnamed 17-year-old girl was gang-raped in the Patiala region in the Punjab. She had reportedly spent much of December begging and badgering the police to take the case seriously and investigate and eventually arrest her attackers. Sadly, those things never happened — or they were happening very, very slowly as the police worked to convince her to give up. Well, on Wednesday night she did. She swallowed poison, committing suicide...  Read rest @: Gawker

Our world is very cruel. I will never forget the night a man at hostel I was staying at, due to my circumstance, jumped in my bed at 1 am and tried to force me to have sex. I just met this man that night. I have a good suspicion, the man terrorizing my life put him up to this. I could be wrong, but it seems to fit into the picture of my situation. Some people think we should all want to have sex, all the time, with anyone. But some of us, have respect for ourselves or just are not into letting someone else use our body, for their selfish needs.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

If You Mislead Children About Santa Claus, What Else Do You Deceive Them About?

Today around the world people are celebrating the holiday, christmas. The day they say jesus was born and  santa claus comes down your chimney bearing gifts, for good girls and boys. The day after thanksgiving you will find santa claus at malls and stores around the world, sitting in a chair waiting for little girls and boys to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for christmas and get their pictures taken with him.

How can there be so many santa clauses? Do we have that many jesus' also? I over heard a conversation of two men. One asked the other "do your kids know santa is not real?" The other answered, "I think they are starting to understand." All around the world parnets, grandparents, teachers, people have been deceiving children about santa claus. So why would it not surprise you, that they would deceive you about anything?

This day tells a story of how groups of people can easily deceive, bully and stalk others. If you do not believe in jesus, you are a satanist. If you do not tell your kids there is a santa claus, you are a scrooge. There are many good people of the christain faith, that are kind, generous and helpful. But if millions mislead children every year about santa claus, what else will they deceive them about? Everything!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sign Petition For Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper To Investigate Morgan Ingram's Stalking Death

Colorado State Governor John Hickenlooper: We want Morgan Ingram's felony stalking investigation opened with the Attorney General's office

Morgan Ingram was happy, loving, and full of life. She loved her family and her friends and had big plans for her life. She loved her puppy Wylah May and her cat Mogwai...  
Read rest and sign petition @: Petition

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Is Stalking?

Stalking is unwanted pursuit, following, harassment. Legally, many states define stalking as the willful, malicious and repeated following or harassment of another person. To harass means to "engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose" (Florida statute 784.048).

Some states require direct threats while others do not. A victim may be experiencing extreme terror and feelings of harassment, but be unable to seek legal assistance due to the lack of an explicit threat to harm.

Despite the development of stalking laws across the nation, staking remains an under-detected crime that is hard to prove and terrifying to experience. Each stalking behavior by itself may or may not be illegal and generally does not constitute the crime of stalking. When these behaviors are viewed together, however, a pattern emerges that serves no purpose than to annoy, alarm and terrorize a victim.

Victim or Survivor?

Stalking is an ongoing form of victimization. Stalking originates only in the mind of the perpetrator - not in the behavior or appearance of the victim. Stalking is one of the very worst crimes against humanity. There are 6.6 million Americans stalked annually. It is not easy, but possible to take back control. There is help out there and together we can wage a war against this insidious crime. Stalking is a dangerous crime. The better we understand the facts about stalking, the more we can do to stop it.