Friday, February 22, 2013

Secrets Are Evil and Destructive

Isak Dinesen says, "a secret is an ugly thing." Boy is he right. For over ten years and probably more like twenty, there has been an ugly secret going on in my life. The world isolated me for at least thirteen years. Destroyed, terrorized and sabotaged my life, because a rich and famous man said so. Alireza Fatemi has been stalking my life for over ten years, with the world. The world feels sorry for Alireza Fatemi and not me.

Why? Because he is rich and famous and totally sabotaged my life. Put me on the streets. Played divide and conquer with my world. Even women's rights activists and stalking advocates support this secret and abusive man. That is how ugly this secret is. Alireza Fatemi fucked up my life, with his wife and girlfriend, he lied about and the world.

Alireza Fatemi was going to Hawaii, Europe and all over the world having the time of his life, while he terrorized me. Until one day his world started to unravel. It all came apart. The man who has been isolating me from the world, was isolated from the world. The dark and ugly secret, does not get any more insane.

In the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, we often hear the phrase, "you are as sick as the secrets you keep." There are a lot of sick people in this world, because thousands of people are keeping a really dark secret that has effected my life for over ten years.

People don't realize the effect secrets have on their lives. They are like a quiet cancer that eats away at our souls and devours our relationships. When we enter into a contract of secrecy with someone, we give a little piece of ourselves away. If we give too many pieces of ourselves away, we our devoured.

An important part of the recovery process, is to give up secret keeping. It is only when we live our life in the open, accept the responsibility for the decisions we have made and own our behavior, that we begin to know health.

As the French say " nothing is so burdensome as a secret."

I am over the dark, ugly, destructive, secret going on in my life forever. This world can live in that secret, for the rest of their fucked up addictive lives. I am over it and this world is going to see just how over it I AM! I am glad the world feels sorry for Alireza Fatemi and not me.

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