Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Sitting in Starbucks in Point Loma and over hearing a lady talking about good Friday. How she went to Universal Studios and saw the exhibit, parting of the red sea and how she loved it. Wow is our world mesmerized, by such myths.

Religion is the root of all problems. Why? Because it is a lie. It is a lie, that creates more lies, in all facets of life. One lie covered by another and another creates a vicious cycle of insanity. That is what our world is living in right now, insanity.

So many religions. They all think their way, is the right way. Each a lie. How many lies is that? Thousands. So all these people involved in these religions are living in lies. So their entire life, is lived in lies. They can't get out of lies, because their main belief is a lie.

When your major belief is a lie, you will base many of your choices and decisions on more lies. The tangled web weaved. Good Friday, or Bad Friday? What is so good about lies? Nothing! Life gets good when you can be honest and communicate with honest integrity.

Honesty means all people are equal. Most religions say, the opposite. A perfect example of this is most religions especially the three major ones, Christianity, Catholicism and Islam make women second class citizens. That is not equal!

When people want to stop giving their power away, to fairy tale gods and live honestly, life gets good. For example you have an addiction. Thinking some god is going to help you change, is a false hope. You have the power. It is not totally your fault, for your addiction. Society puts much emphasis on drinking and partying. If you want to be, in the, in crowd, you are to party and get wasted. Then go to church and ask for forgiveness.

The god business has all markets cornered. They get you addicted by the things they sell you, in their businesses and then get you addicted, to a false reality. People follow like sheep, not really knowing what they are following. I was one of those sheep, until I woke up. Thank goodness.

Good Friday, no it is bad Friday. If the world was without religion, women would not be second class citizens. There would not be war, because most wars if not all, are started by religion. Religion and their religious leaders are creating a world of chaos, by living the greatest lie. Religions and god(s) are fairy tales.

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