Monday, April 8, 2013

You Cannot Be An Animals Rights Person, If You Harm Anyone

People claim to be this activists and that, but all while they harm, cause suffering, play practical jokes and terrorize others. You are only making yourself look good, in a false reality, by doing this. You are NOT an activist of any kind, if you are harming or harassing anyone or anything else. That is the absolute truth.

Walking Without God(s)

Why do people believe in god? Because they do not believe in themselves, but more importantly, because they do not want to have to be accountable and responsible, for their actions.

Let's start with believing in yourself. If you believed in yourself, you would respect yourself and in turn, respect others. You cannot respect others, until you respect yourself.

Disrespect runs rampant in our world. It starts in the family and ventures out into your community, city, state, country and world. Respect starts with being honest, with yourself and others.

Lies, are the beginning of disrespect. Especially big lies. They create a world of chaos, confusion, drams, dysfunction, insanity and nightmares. When people get honest, life gets good.

Honesty means being accountable and responsible, for your actions. Not using god(s), new age dogma, positive thinking or the law of attraction to not have to be accountable and responsible, for your actions.

It is when you start to apologize and say your sorry, for hurting and harming others. Not thinking that asking jesus, for forgiveness and now everything is all right. That is bullshit! Go to the person, you harmed.

The new age dogma of, today is a new day, is all great and dandy, but again, does not make things right, that you wronged. Just another cop out way, of not being accountable and responsible.

The law of attraction is the same as new age dogma. So you think practical jokes and harassing in a playful way, is right actions? I say, bullshit. You do not always create what happens to you, or around you.

Positive thinking is great, but again not the total answer, to living a life of happiness. Things are not always in our control. When someone does you wrong, you should not be a doormat, but stand up to them.

God(s), no, there is absolutely no god(s), but there are people in this world, that like to act like god(s). Life gets good when you can be honest. Not have to control others. And treat people with respect.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

God Bless You

How many times a day, does someone say to you, god bless you? For me, many times. People use this phrase, like they say hi, or how are you. It is automatic. Many of these people, are homeless, and have have been brainwashed, due to oppression and suppression. They hold on to it, hoping the greedy bastards walking by them, will feed them, or give them money.

There is a difference between a homeless person saying, god bless you, and a regular person. The regular person, uses it to be superior, holier than thou. The homeless person uses it, to find food or money and believes that when you say god bless you, they have a better chance, of receiving it.

God bless you. Why do I need to be blessed by a god, I cannot see, hear or believe in? I don't. This world is spinning out of control and it is because of the god business. It is a big business, maybe the biggest in the world, if you put all the religions, new age dogma and like together. A business that does not have to pay a dime of taxes to our government, but puts its loud voice in politics. Do you know, what we could do with all the taxes, from churches. Help the needy they claim to help and the list goes on.

Religion and politics, do not go together for many reasons. Even though if you read the bible or other holy books, they talk a lot about the poor and lowly, getting into heaven, more so than the wealthy. These books talk about taking care of the poor. But is throwing a few crumbs at them, helping? Or is it, setting them up to, fail? Religion and religious people, should never place a governmental vote, on the basis of religion. Ever! But they do, every election.

Is what has been going on in my life, gods blessing? No. It has nothing to do with any god(s) you cannot see. It has to do with, people, human beings. People take actions, that affect their life and those around them and it even effects the whole world. The butterfly effect. When a butterfly flaps it's wings in China, it has a ripple effect around the world. So do our actions. All of them.

But people cling on to religion, to use as an instant garbage disposal, for their bad actions. It is the easy way out of, their wrong doing. Unlike, saying sorry to the person you hurt and taking the right actions to make it right. Very hard to do and that is why people go to religion. They also go to religion, to oppress and suppress the masses, especially women.

God bless you. No I do not need to be blessed, prayed for and have anything to do with religion. I can live, love and hope without god. Keep your religion out of my life. My choices are, my choices. I am not concerned about your choices. If you want to believe in a god that is fine, but don't tell me what I can and cannot do. God bless you, no thank you.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Religious Zealots

Easter has passed and I still hear people talking about it and writing about it. As I sit in Starbucks this morning, I hear a young lady talking about how she is studying to be a Missionary. When I listened to her say this, you could hear, her holier than thou, underlying voice. Like she was going to save the world, by spewing the love of Jesus, all over the world. 

Everyday it gets more evident to me, the god business, is the greatest problem, in this world. People utterly addicted to god(s) and religion(s) that are lies. Bringing the lies all over the world, like they are the saviors of the world. Going into communities of unrest and war, like they know what is best for these people. God, jesus, religion. This will make your life better, when you believe. Otherwise your life will stay the same and eternal damnation, will fall upon you. 

How sad. How pathetic. So before these missionaries go to another country, where they have never been, they and only they, know what is best, for these people. What gall, what pride, what a grave injustice. Preying on the weak, to further their lies and insanity. Deceiving the people and taking away their power. Creating more insanity in their country, by bringing another religion along. Is this help, or setting people up to fail?

The vision of this wicked thing called religion grows deeper in my mind. But people everywhere are engaging in a cult, they really have no idea about. They are sheep, wandering the earth, with leaders that have ulterior motives and intentions. The god business, is a very scary business, that makes huge amounts of money, puts its hands into politics, and peoples lives, who don't want anything to do with it.  

Yes, I use to be a follower. I was one of those religious zealots and then woke up. I have read books on the top ten religions or spiritual practices. Have been in a mosque and prayed with the women, who pray in their own separate area, because they are not as clean as the men. All religions make women second class citizens. Women give their power away, more than men do, to a false myth. Maybe if women could see the bigger picture, they would stop giving their power away, to a fairy tale. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Sitting in Starbucks in Point Loma and over hearing a lady talking about good Friday. How she went to Universal Studios and saw the exhibit, parting of the red sea and how she loved it. Wow is our world mesmerized, by such myths.

Religion is the root of all problems. Why? Because it is a lie. It is a lie, that creates more lies, in all facets of life. One lie covered by another and another creates a vicious cycle of insanity. That is what our world is living in right now, insanity.

So many religions. They all think their way, is the right way. Each a lie. How many lies is that? Thousands. So all these people involved in these religions are living in lies. So their entire life, is lived in lies. They can't get out of lies, because their main belief is a lie.

When your major belief is a lie, you will base many of your choices and decisions on more lies. The tangled web weaved. Good Friday, or Bad Friday? What is so good about lies? Nothing! Life gets good when you can be honest and communicate with honest integrity.

Honesty means all people are equal. Most religions say, the opposite. A perfect example of this is most religions especially the three major ones, Christianity, Catholicism and Islam make women second class citizens. That is not equal!

When people want to stop giving their power away, to fairy tale gods and live honestly, life gets good. For example you have an addiction. Thinking some god is going to help you change, is a false hope. You have the power. It is not totally your fault, for your addiction. Society puts much emphasis on drinking and partying. If you want to be, in the, in crowd, you are to party and get wasted. Then go to church and ask for forgiveness.

The god business has all markets cornered. They get you addicted by the things they sell you, in their businesses and then get you addicted, to a false reality. People follow like sheep, not really knowing what they are following. I was one of those sheep, until I woke up. Thank goodness.

Good Friday, no it is bad Friday. If the world was without religion, women would not be second class citizens. There would not be war, because most wars if not all, are started by religion. Religion and their religious leaders are creating a world of chaos, by living the greatest lie. Religions and god(s) are fairy tales.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Secrets Are Evil and Destructive

Isak Dinesen says, "a secret is an ugly thing." Boy is he right. For over ten years and probably more like twenty, there has been an ugly secret going on in my life. The world isolated me for at least thirteen years. Destroyed, terrorized and sabotaged my life, because a rich and famous man said so. Alireza Fatemi has been stalking my life for over ten years, with the world. The world feels sorry for Alireza Fatemi and not me.

Why? Because he is rich and famous and totally sabotaged my life. Put me on the streets. Played divide and conquer with my world. Even women's rights activists and stalking advocates support this secret and abusive man. That is how ugly this secret is. Alireza Fatemi fucked up my life, with his wife and girlfriend, he lied about and the world.

Alireza Fatemi was going to Hawaii, Europe and all over the world having the time of his life, while he terrorized me. Until one day his world started to unravel. It all came apart. The man who has been isolating me from the world, was isolated from the world. The dark and ugly secret, does not get any more insane.

In the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, we often hear the phrase, "you are as sick as the secrets you keep." There are a lot of sick people in this world, because thousands of people are keeping a really dark secret that has effected my life for over ten years.

People don't realize the effect secrets have on their lives. They are like a quiet cancer that eats away at our souls and devours our relationships. When we enter into a contract of secrecy with someone, we give a little piece of ourselves away. If we give too many pieces of ourselves away, we our devoured.

An important part of the recovery process, is to give up secret keeping. It is only when we live our life in the open, accept the responsibility for the decisions we have made and own our behavior, that we begin to know health.

As the French say " nothing is so burdensome as a secret."

I am over the dark, ugly, destructive, secret going on in my life forever. This world can live in that secret, for the rest of their fucked up addictive lives. I am over it and this world is going to see just how over it I AM! I am glad the world feels sorry for Alireza Fatemi and not me.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A World Full Of Fucked Up Love, Everywhere

A new report out of South Africa indicates that Oscar Pistorius carried Reeva Steenkamp downstairsfrom the bathroom where he had allegedly shot her, and attempted to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while attempting to save her life. The report comes via Beeld, an Afrikaaans-language newspaper in South Africa...  Yahoo News

Love, is very abusive. Some people think love is controlling and owning others. Destroying, terrorizing and sabotaging their lives. Then you have the lovers that kill the one they claim, to love. Love is over rated. Love is full of lies. Love is a great JOKE, utter BULLSHIT!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spectre of Rudd stalking Gillard

As Prime Minister Julia Gillard struggles to regain momentum after a run of bad news, Labor appears to be again aiming to shoot itself in the foot.
Gillard last week announced that the next election would be held on September 14, effectively launching what will be the longest federal campaign in Australia's history...  
Read more @:  New Zealand Herald

Man arrested for stalking, strangling woman

Lee County deputies arrested a 42-year-old Lehigh Acres man after he allegedly broke into a woman's house and tried to strangle her, Monday.
The victim called deputies and told them that a man named Harold Mitchell had broken into her home through the back sliding glass door...
Read more:  NBC

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oak Harbor senior citizen accused of stalking, harassment

A 68-year-old Oak Harbor man is accused of stalking a 911 dispatcher and threatening to kill a law enforcement officer and his family, court documents indicate.,,  
Read more @:  Whidbey News Times

Police: Estranged husband of Oviedo city manager arrested for stalking

44-year-old William Breazeale, a pilot for Airtran Airways, has been charged with aggravated stalking, cyber stalking, harassment and making a credible threat to a person to his estranged wife, Kathryn Breazeale, even after a restraining order had been filed in November 2012...  Read and watch video @:  Click Orlando

Report: Missing NYC woman found dead in Turkey

A New York City woman who went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul was found dead on Saturday, and police were questioning 11 people in connection with the case, Turkey's state-run news...  Read and watch video:  Yahoo News

Saudi preacher spared after raping, killing daughter

 Saudi preacher who raped his five-year-old daughter and tortured her to death has been sentenced to pay “blood money” to the mother after having served a short jail term, activists said on Saturday... 
Read more @:  The Raw Story

The ugliness of religion, especially Islam, religious laws, religious leaders and this world. A very sad story.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Are The Stalkers

Forensic psychologists who have studied stalkers generally divide them into four general categories. Each stalker is different and may show signs from different categories.

4) False Victimization Syndrome
In these very frustrating cases, the stalker may believe that he is the victim. Sometimes he even reports his victim to the police as having stalked him...  Read more @:  Francie Web

South Korean student allegedly drugged and raped in India

A SOUTH Korean student holidaying on her own in India was allegedly drugged and raped by the son of a hotel owner as she visited a tiger reserve in central India, police have said...  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stanford Student Admits To E-Stalking Her Boyfriend

A Stanford student accused of digitally stalking her boyfriend pled no contest to three of the fifteen charges against her Friday...  
Read more @:  Los Altos Patch

Dutch golfer Christel Boeljon no longer haunted by stalker

Only now that the episode is well behind her can the leading Dutch player explain what it's like to play again without tension in her limbs and mind for her return to the Volvik Ladies Masters on the Gold Coast.
"It was very strange. It did affect everything, not just my game," Boeljon, 26, said yesterday of the angst-ridden months last year that extended beyond the stalker's last sighting in July...  Read more @:  Australian Gold Digest

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Activist to address stalking

Saint Mary’s College will host Debbie Riddle, a noted speaker on stalking awareness, as part of Stalking Awareness Month activities. The event, sponsored by the Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO), will be held in Vander VennetTheater on Jan. 29 at 7 p.m...  
Read more @:  The Observerr

Attorney Talks Stalking Law, Resources

Hema Khan, program attorney for the Stalking Resource Center at the National Center for Victims of Crime, gave a presentation to the Georgetown community about stalking behavior Monday evening.
Khan, an expert on stalking law, said that she aims to improve victims’ safety and well-being and to strengthen the mechanisms for holding perpetrators accountable...  Read more @:  The Hoya

Monday, January 28, 2013

Arrest Warrant Issued For Epstein Stalker, After Violating Conditions Of Bond

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Massachusetts woman charged with stalking Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein at his Lakeview home last summer because she allegedly violated the conditions of her release.
A Cook County judge had ordered Kathleen Kearney be on GPS monitoring once she posted bond after her July 16, 2012, arrest on stalking charges, authorities said...  Read more @:  Chicago CBSLocal

Maury County commissioner arrested for stalking

Maury County Commissioner William Roddy was arrested Saturday night in Mt. Pleasant and charged with stalking.
According to Mt. Pleasant's chief of Police, Roddy was stopped a couple of weeks ago for running a stop sign at the corner of Pleasant Street and Haylong Avenue...  Read more @:  WKRN
I guess when you are a police officer and you or your wife are being stalked, you take care of business quickly. Must be nice to get immediate help when you are the law! It takes years for a regular person to get help, or be taken seriously.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sarah Palin Is Gone,

Is our long national nightmare finally over?
Sarah Palin held the world rapt as a vice presidential candidate. After she lost she was still a state governor with millions of adoring fans. When she quit there were books and reality tv shows and she could keep the press titillated with threats of a presidential run. Then there were her infallibly gracious television appearances...  Read more @:  Salon

Iran Sentences American Pastor To Eight Years In Prison

An American Christian pastor has reportedly been sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran on charges of evangelizing, Fox News reported Sunday morning.... Read more @:  The Blaze

Boahener Promises To Make Ending Abortion A National Priority

As thousands of people endured the bitter cold temperatures in Washington, D.C., on Friday to join the anti-abortion protest "March for Life," House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) took the opportunity to suck up to the extreme conservatives, who are a small minority in the nation. A recent poll showed that 7 in 10 Americans now oppose Roe v. Wade being overturned...  Read and watch video @:  Crooks and Liars

Saturday, January 26, 2013


A bill making its way through the Arizona state legislature would require public high schoolstudents to swear an oath to defend the Constitution before they receive their diplomas...  Read more @:  The Blaze

A Peace With In

A world full of chaos, violence and liars. Life is not what I thought it would be. But I grew up in an alcoholic family and as an adult, that dysfunction follows you into the world. When you come from a family torn apart because of addiction, your world will ensue with insanity. There are so many addictions in this world, sex, drugs, alcohol, work, food, sleeping, shopping, religion, relationship and the list goes on. Anything that consumes you, is an addiction.

Through a nightmare, today I find peace with in. I finally realized most people in this world live in lies and when a lie continues for so long, it is believed to be true. Who even knows what truth is anymore, and if you think you can find it in any religion, good luck. After so much terrorizing by this world, I am an avid and stout Atheist. So when I leave this crazy place, it will be a good thing. 

You see when you are an Atheist, you know that this life is precious, You are not believing and waiting for the afterlife, you know the importance of this life. But most religious people of all religions, are concerned about the virgins they will meet in the next life, the afterlife, but not this life. Well folks you showed me that you have no regard for this life and the people in it. Thank you for the insanity you brought into my life. Thank you for showing me the drama, you thrive on.

Today I have found peace with in knowing I don't have to be a part of this whacky life. I have other choices and since I don't even get one friend of my own, why would I want to waste more time in utter insane drama. I don't want to. You all can be the hero's and stars of the world. I have no interest in being a part of this crazy anymore, for any reason, ever. Thank you for showing me where I can find peace, from the insane people that dwell in this world. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Who Has Benefited From This?

No one! No one has benefited from the insanity that started over ten years ago, because a man lied, was not in a stage of his life, comes from a very strict Muslim family and culture. No one. What has gone on has created more destruction in peoples lives, than any form of positiveness. The tangled web weaves tighter and tighter everyday, the silence continues.

People make choices and don't ever consider the ramifications of those choices. They think they are saving the world, or going to make change happen, when the situation, from the beginning should have never moved forward. They create drama of mass destruction, that has no way of being resolved and the web spins tighter, until the nightmare explodes.

No one, not one person, has benefited from what a man created. Not one person, has benefited from this. This situation is only going to get worse and worse as time goes on. This is not a humanitarian event, this is a very stupid decision. There is no hope in this situation and if you think some god is going to fall from the sky and make things better, I believe in Santa Claus too (hahaha).

I Miss You Grandpa

I can't remember if it was today or tomorrow, two years ago my grandpa died. But it was a couple days before his birthday on January 29. My grandparents were the most important people in my life. They were my teachers, mentors and loved me more than anyone has. One of the things that I wanted desperately to do, was bring my grandpa back out to California, were he loved to live. But unfortunately that did not happen, because of the Muslim terrorist, who sabotaged my life.

I will always think that Alireza Fatemi paid someone to hurt my grandpa and cause him to fall and break his hip. I would never in my life put anything past that man. EVER! Life is cruel and unfair and full of addictive, violent, abusive, dishonest terrorists. When you grow up in a very dysfunctional home, that dysfunction follows you out into the world.

There is one thing that I do know, that my grandparents loved me and knew I was a good person. It has been a very very very long time since I have had a decent life. Or any life for that matter. I see no end to the madness of addictive human beings. My grandma would never in her life have participated in this man's terrorism, she would have stood up for me, stood tall, and told this man to take a fucking hike. My grandma was not a coward!

Grandpa I will always remember our time together, our phone calls and what a great and wonderful grandpa you were. I could have not asked for a more giving grandpa than you. Thank you for all you did for me, thank you for loving me, thank you for taking me camping, thank you for being the best grandpa. I love you and miss you. XOXOXOXOXO

The Countdown Is Getting Closer

People will be shocked when the day arrives. Maybe they will finally realize, they ALL went to far, for too long. But who cares about any of those people, I don't and never would. I hear there are men rising for the One Billion Rising and praying. I am the greatest Atheist on this earth. I have a rage inside me towards men who lie to women and were not in a stage of their life and the women and men who protect them. I have a great rage towards, people of faith, that lie, destroy, terrorize, harass and sabotage other human beings lives and have the balls to tell their victims they are crazy and it is gods plan.

No I am not a lesbian and never will be. I am fine with my sexuality. I have nothing against lesbians or gays, for that matter. But I have hate towards men, who lie to you and the women and men that protect them. This mans story, who has been terrorizing my life will never, ever matter to me. It is full of lies upon lies. But there is only a short time left for this man and the insane world he lives, to terrorize my life. The countdown began sometime this month and there are only so many more days left.

No one will know the day, but know this, it will be a day to be remembered. All the 1000's of people that have terrorized, destroyed and sabotaged my life for at least ten years and probably twenty with a Muslim man, know this. You all deserve everything you did to my life and so do your kids, mothers and women in your lives. May that happen somehow, someway and may it happen soon. But also know there are only so many more days for you all to terrorize me. 

This is a very violent, unhealthy, dysfunctional and abusive world we live in. No man gets to fuck up my life, for any reason, EVER! NO MAN! The countdown continues, and there is a day soon it will end. Then you can fuck up someone else's life, hopefully your own! The best day of my life will be, when you never get to terrorize me again, ever! That will be a great day, because I don't want to ever see or speak to all the 1000s of mother fuckers, who fucked up my life and terrorized me, ever again. Ever Again.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Glad You Own The World Alireza Fatemi

I am so glad to know when you are rich and famous like Alireza Fatemi, you are entitled to terrorize, stalk and sabotage women's lives. It is such a pleasure to know that these men are so entitled in our world. Really folks this world is about fame, money and power. When you have any of these you can terrorize anyone you want.

So I will see you in Laguna Beach this weekend with my sign and your name on it. "NO MAN GETS TO TERRORIZE MY LIFE ALIREZA FATEMI!'

When A Man Says "Lets See Who Can Fuck With Who, And My Wife and I Are Coming After You" Believe Him

I met a Muslim man about ten years ago. This man told me he was not married and it turned out to be a great lie. Not only was the man married, but he had girlfriends all over the world. This man begged for sex and after I finally made the decision, he told me "It was just about sex". This is the man, with his wife, girlfriends, my family, friends, strangers, employers and basically my world, who has been sabotaging my life. To this day it continues.

This man stalks my emails, phone lines, computer, knows everywhere I am and is the greatest terrorist you could ever meet. I have no idea if my family is complying with this or being forced to participate. It is the greatest form of insanity and nightmare you could imagine. Well I guess not, because everyday you read the news and our world is full of crazy.

I have been living in solitary confinement in the middle of the world. It is a very dysfunctional, unhealthy and destructive way to live. This man has played conquer and divide with my family, friends, and the world around me. I hear this man is seeking justice? For what I have no idea and I don't care. Because I would never in my life care about this man. This man has been stalking my life before I even met him.

When a man says "lets see who can fuck with who, and my wife and I are coming after you," believe him. Take that message to the police immediately. This man and his wife did come after me. They abused my credit cards on my birthday and went out to dinner in Los Angeles somewhere. Then they went and bought gas with my credit cards. Yes, if a man ever threatens you with this kind of language, believe him and report it to the police. Because when you do not report these things they escalate.

Folks this world is not a nice place and if you come from a dysfunctional family your world will be dysfunctional. People never, ever change. This world is full of addictive, violent, unhealthy, destructive people. Even women who protest for women's rights are liars and protect abusive men. So be careful who you think is on your team. There are many vultures out there ready to terrorize and sabotage your life.

New Mexico Bill Would Criminalize Abortions After Rape As 'Tampering With Evidence'

A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico introduced a bill on Wednesday that would legally require victims of rape to carry their pregnancies to term in order to use the fetus as evidence for a sexual assault trial...  Read more @:  Huffington Post

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Five Charged In Brutal, Deadly Philadelphia ‘Dungeon’ Scam

Five people were charged on Wednesday with imprisoning disabled adults in a Philadelphia "dungeon" as part of a brutal scam to collect the victim's disability and social security checks. Two victims died during the horrific crime, which went on for over a decade.
The victims were discovered in October 2011 by the building's landlord. Based on the description by US Attorney Zane David Memeger, the scene was gruesome...  Read more @:  Gawker
We have some very violently sick people in our world!

Social Influences on Cyberbullying Behaviors Among Middle and High School Students

Sameer and I wrote a paper that was recently published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence that examines the influence of peers, parents, and educators on the cyberbullying behaviors of middle and high school students. It has long been known that adolescent behaviors (both positive and negative) are largely influenced by significant others.  Our paper basically re-affirms that finding as it relates to cyberbullying... 
Read more @: Cyberbullying Research Center

Former Child Bride 'Escapes' FLDS Community With Children

Ruby Jessop's children are thrilled to be off of a strictly imposed all-bean diet ordered by jailed polygamist leader Warren Jeffs.
"It's like they cannot get enough food in their bellies. They want to taste and try everything," Jessop's relieved sister Flora Jessop told  Read more @:  Yahoo News
In my eyes all religions make women second class citizens and destroy their lives. What a crazy and insane world we live in.

Voice of Charlie Brown arrested in California on stalking, other charges

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman Angelica de Cima said Peter Robbins was arrested Sunday at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. She told U-T San Diego that a background check yielded a warrant against Robbins from the San Diego County sheriff's department... Read more @:  Fox News

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Articles On Stalking 1/22/2013

1. Secret Service Involved In Gang Stalking... Read more @:  Now Public

2. Temecula: Stalking Suspect Bitten By Dog, Shocked With Taser...  Read more @:  The Press Enterprise

3. Boca Raton Man Accused of Stalking of Stalking Ex-Girlfriend...  Read more @:  WBPF

4. Man Pleads No Contest To Stalking Mila Kunis...  Read more @:  Yahoo News

NH mother accused of posing as teen, stalking boy

A New Hampshire mother is accused of posing as a teenager and stalking a boy.

Tamie Cassidy, 39, of Concord is facing stalking and giving a false report to law enforcement charges...  Read and watch video @:  Fox Boston

Stringent punishment sought for stalking, acid attack

The National Commission for Women (NCW) wants separate clauses on acid attacks and stalking of women in the the Indian Penal Code and stringent punishment for the crimes.
The commission sought the changes in the penal provisions in its recommendation to the Justice J.S. Verma Committee constituted to review laws on crimes against women following the Dec 16, 2012, gang-rape in Delhi, NCW sources said...  
Read more @:  Yahoo News

Monday, January 21, 2013

Identity Theft, Ambiguity and Corporations

As Wikipedia explains, identity theft “is a form of stealing someone's identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person's identity, typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person's name.”  As Wikipedia also notes, Congress created two federal identity theft crimes, which are codified at 18 U.S. Code § 1028 and18 U.S. Code § 1028A...  
Read more @:  CYB3RCRIM3

Slain woman was target of online stalker

Even after she moved from the home of her abusive spouse, obtained a court order of protection and began divorce proceedings, Karen Kahler was unable to escape the reach of former Columbia Water and Light Director Kraig Kahler...  
Read more @:  
Columbia Daily Tribune

The sad life of women who are stalked, by violently abusive men.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ellen Page Gets Restraining Order on Twitter Stalker

After receiving a slew of threats via Twitter, Ellen Page has gotten a restraining order against her alleged stalker..
Read more @:  
Gossip Center

Jodi Arias Mistrial Motion Highlighted Stalker Claims

The murder trial of Jodi Arias has been punctuated with increasingly angry calls for a mistrial and the arguments have cited a woman's claim of being stalked and menaced, suggestions of ethnic bias and personal jibes among the lawyers...  Read and watch video @:  ABC News

Friday, January 18, 2013

Deputies: Felon arrested for stalking, indecent exposure

A registered felon was arrested Wednesday after deputies said he exposed himself to a teenager.
Matthew Bennett is charged with exposure if sex organs and stalking...  Read more @:  Wesh

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Eve has just written a new piece which she composed during her recent travels in India, amidst the incredible uprising there. We envision this monologue as a beautiful addition to your event to motivate the participants to dance.

Written in Kerala for the women of India who lead the way
This could have been anywhere
And was
Mexico City
Nighttime men
like wolves
for prey...  Read more @:  One Billion Rising

Gender Relations Center educates ND about stalking

The Gender Relations Center (GRC) wants students to know how to protect themselves from unwanted attention.
As part of National Stalking Awareness Month, the Center is hosting a campaign titled “Stalking: Know it. Name it. Stopit.”...  Read more @:  The Observer

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Keep Yourself From Being Cyber-Stalked

Sooner or later, we all get that email that we don’t want, or receive something posted on our social network page that we wish we never got, and whether the message is from a company, an overzealous salesperson or from a personal acquaintance, they can be annoying and even upsetting at times.
But at what point do these unwanted messages go from being just annoying to becoming full-on harassment?...  Read more @: The North Jefferson News

Report Reveals Fears Stalking Victims Face

Stalking victims face many issues, including fear.

For stalking victims, the most common fear is not knowing what would happen next. Others fear death, fear the behavior will never stop or they fear bodily harm to themselves, their child or another family member, according to a 2009 Bureau of Justice Statistics special report on stalking victimization in the United States...  Read more:  Edmondsun

Alireza Fatemi A Stalking Terrorist

My stalker of ten years will not stop his insanity, even though I have been told 100s of times this violent, abusive, mentally ill man has moved on with his pathetic life of lies. Alireza Fatemi owns a business called Standard Data Resources in San Clemente, California and when this man says lets see who can fuck with who. Believe him. He can fuck your life up beyond measures. The world is letting this man blame a girl for what is going on in his life. That is fine if a girl is terrorizing this man he deserves to seek justice. But it gives him no right to terrorize my life, for any reason.

Alireza Fatemi is an entitled terrorist! Alireza Fatemi just comprimised my credit cards again. This man has the ability to mess with my phone payments. If he is trying to show me what someone did to him. I don't care what a girl you were fucking did to you. I never would care what that girl and her family and friends did to you. EVER! She was perfect for you, because you both like to fuck each other up and terrorize those around you. Alireza Fatemi is a monster.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Probe into police chief stalking charge ends

The Cook County state's attorney's office has ended its investigation into allegations a suburban Chicago police chief stalked his estranged ex-girlfriend.
The 10-month investigation of Schaumburg Police Chief Brian Howerton was closed with no criminal charges being filed...  Read more @:  BND

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Man accused of strangulation faces stalking charge

A Cody man arrested in September on suspicion of attempting to strangle his wife faces new charges in circuit court for allegedly stalking the former victim.
The felony strangulation and simple battery case against Brian Price, 44, was transferred to district court two weeks after his Sept. 16 arrest...  Read more @:  Cody Enterprise


A man who was arrested but not charged in the killing of a Cold Spring police officer has surrendered on charges he stalked his ex-girlfriend...  
Read more @:  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Republican Paul Ryan Protects Rapists’ Rights in New Fetus Bill

You know how just doesn’t have enough rights in this country? You guessed it, rapists. Thank goodness House Republicans are here to look after these put-upon American citizens.

As much of the nation focuses on the Steubenville gang rape story, your failed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) was busyprotecting rapists’ rights. Buried deep in the latest Fetus Rights Bill (aka, Sanctity of Human Life Act , H.R. 23: To provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization), wherein feti are given more rights than the women carrying them, is a section that will allow a rapist to sue his victim in order to stop her from getting an abortion, specifically if she were trying to get an abortion in a state that allows them while she lives in a state that does not.

Yes, the rapist can sue to stop the abortion caused by the rape he perpetrated upon an unwilling female...  Read more @:  Politicususa

Christian Defense Lawyer’s Child Porn Conviction Involved Sex With Her 14 Year Old Daughter

Last week we reported that a Manchester, New Hampshire jury took almost no time at all to convict  Lisa Biron, an attorney allied with the Alliance Defense Fund, now named the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Biron was convicted on eight counts in a shocking case that included her taking a minor girl across state lines into Canada, accusations of her filming the girl and another boy, and even getting involved in some sexual manner with the girl...  Read more @:  The New Civil Rights Movement

Second stalking arrest in seven days for ICE agent

An ICE agent was arrested twice in seven days for stalking his ex-girlfriend.
Steven Micheal Rossello was seen again at his former girlfriend’s apartment complex on the 2900 block of Haine Dr.
Harlingen police pulled Rossello over after they saw him driving away from theapartments Thursday evening...  
Read more @:  Valley News

Forced Marriage In Your Own Backyard

NEW YORK (TrustLaw) – To many in the United States, forced marriage sounds like an ancient and alien practice, something that might happen in remote corners of India or Pakistan, not in the heart of 21st century America.
But it is indeed occurring in the United States, and “it is a growing problem,” according to Manon DeFelice, executive director of the New York-based AHA Foundation, which protects and defends the rights of women and girls in the West from oppression committed in the name of religion and culture...  
Read more @:  Salon

New law gives police power to protect against stalkers

Stalking has preceded many murders throughout Central Florida, but a new law is giving victims and police more tools to fight the growing problem.
“It was literally three years of hell,” described Jo Ann Lucarelli...  Read more @:  CF News 13

Convicted stalker who sued his victim pushes his case all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court

DETROIT (WXYZ) - There are new developments in a bizarre stalking case first exposed by the 7 Action News Investigators.

It involves a convicted stalker who served time behind bars, then sued his victim when he got out of prison.

7 Action News investigator Scott Lewis first reported on this twisted saga two years ago...  Read and watch video @: 7 ABC

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Mind Of A Stalker

GOLD BAR, WA) -- The Sky Valley Chronicle was asked recently by a Snohomish County resident who plans to file criminal charges against a cyber-stalker(s), how the state law on “regular stalking” comes into play in making sure a stalker or stalkers is charged with as many criminal counts as possible...  Read more @:  Sky Valley Chronicle

Identity Fraud, "Obtain" and Fabrication

After being convicted of “identity fraud, a second degree felony”, in violation of Utah Code § 76-6-1102, Manuel Hurtado Rincon appealed.  State v. Rincon, --- P.3d ----, 2012 WL 6720469 (Utah Court of Appeals 2012).

This is all the opinion has to say about how Rincon came to be charged with identity fraud:...  Read more @: CYB3RCRIM3