Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Religious Zealots

Easter has passed and I still hear people talking about it and writing about it. As I sit in Starbucks this morning, I hear a young lady talking about how she is studying to be a Missionary. When I listened to her say this, you could hear, her holier than thou, underlying voice. Like she was going to save the world, by spewing the love of Jesus, all over the world. 

Everyday it gets more evident to me, the god business, is the greatest problem, in this world. People utterly addicted to god(s) and religion(s) that are lies. Bringing the lies all over the world, like they are the saviors of the world. Going into communities of unrest and war, like they know what is best for these people. God, jesus, religion. This will make your life better, when you believe. Otherwise your life will stay the same and eternal damnation, will fall upon you. 

How sad. How pathetic. So before these missionaries go to another country, where they have never been, they and only they, know what is best, for these people. What gall, what pride, what a grave injustice. Preying on the weak, to further their lies and insanity. Deceiving the people and taking away their power. Creating more insanity in their country, by bringing another religion along. Is this help, or setting people up to fail?

The vision of this wicked thing called religion grows deeper in my mind. But people everywhere are engaging in a cult, they really have no idea about. They are sheep, wandering the earth, with leaders that have ulterior motives and intentions. The god business, is a very scary business, that makes huge amounts of money, puts its hands into politics, and peoples lives, who don't want anything to do with it.  

Yes, I use to be a follower. I was one of those religious zealots and then woke up. I have read books on the top ten religions or spiritual practices. Have been in a mosque and prayed with the women, who pray in their own separate area, because they are not as clean as the men. All religions make women second class citizens. Women give their power away, more than men do, to a false myth. Maybe if women could see the bigger picture, they would stop giving their power away, to a fairy tale. 

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