Wednesday, April 3, 2013

God Bless You

How many times a day, does someone say to you, god bless you? For me, many times. People use this phrase, like they say hi, or how are you. It is automatic. Many of these people, are homeless, and have have been brainwashed, due to oppression and suppression. They hold on to it, hoping the greedy bastards walking by them, will feed them, or give them money.

There is a difference between a homeless person saying, god bless you, and a regular person. The regular person, uses it to be superior, holier than thou. The homeless person uses it, to find food or money and believes that when you say god bless you, they have a better chance, of receiving it.

God bless you. Why do I need to be blessed by a god, I cannot see, hear or believe in? I don't. This world is spinning out of control and it is because of the god business. It is a big business, maybe the biggest in the world, if you put all the religions, new age dogma and like together. A business that does not have to pay a dime of taxes to our government, but puts its loud voice in politics. Do you know, what we could do with all the taxes, from churches. Help the needy they claim to help and the list goes on.

Religion and politics, do not go together for many reasons. Even though if you read the bible or other holy books, they talk a lot about the poor and lowly, getting into heaven, more so than the wealthy. These books talk about taking care of the poor. But is throwing a few crumbs at them, helping? Or is it, setting them up to, fail? Religion and religious people, should never place a governmental vote, on the basis of religion. Ever! But they do, every election.

Is what has been going on in my life, gods blessing? No. It has nothing to do with any god(s) you cannot see. It has to do with, people, human beings. People take actions, that affect their life and those around them and it even effects the whole world. The butterfly effect. When a butterfly flaps it's wings in China, it has a ripple effect around the world. So do our actions. All of them.

But people cling on to religion, to use as an instant garbage disposal, for their bad actions. It is the easy way out of, their wrong doing. Unlike, saying sorry to the person you hurt and taking the right actions to make it right. Very hard to do and that is why people go to religion. They also go to religion, to oppress and suppress the masses, especially women.

God bless you. No I do not need to be blessed, prayed for and have anything to do with religion. I can live, love and hope without god. Keep your religion out of my life. My choices are, my choices. I am not concerned about your choices. If you want to believe in a god that is fine, but don't tell me what I can and cannot do. God bless you, no thank you.

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