Monday, April 8, 2013

Walking Without God(s)

Why do people believe in god? Because they do not believe in themselves, but more importantly, because they do not want to have to be accountable and responsible, for their actions.

Let's start with believing in yourself. If you believed in yourself, you would respect yourself and in turn, respect others. You cannot respect others, until you respect yourself.

Disrespect runs rampant in our world. It starts in the family and ventures out into your community, city, state, country and world. Respect starts with being honest, with yourself and others.

Lies, are the beginning of disrespect. Especially big lies. They create a world of chaos, confusion, drams, dysfunction, insanity and nightmares. When people get honest, life gets good.

Honesty means being accountable and responsible, for your actions. Not using god(s), new age dogma, positive thinking or the law of attraction to not have to be accountable and responsible, for your actions.

It is when you start to apologize and say your sorry, for hurting and harming others. Not thinking that asking jesus, for forgiveness and now everything is all right. That is bullshit! Go to the person, you harmed.

The new age dogma of, today is a new day, is all great and dandy, but again, does not make things right, that you wronged. Just another cop out way, of not being accountable and responsible.

The law of attraction is the same as new age dogma. So you think practical jokes and harassing in a playful way, is right actions? I say, bullshit. You do not always create what happens to you, or around you.

Positive thinking is great, but again not the total answer, to living a life of happiness. Things are not always in our control. When someone does you wrong, you should not be a doormat, but stand up to them.

God(s), no, there is absolutely no god(s), but there are people in this world, that like to act like god(s). Life gets good when you can be honest. Not have to control others. And treat people with respect.

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