Monday, April 8, 2013

You Cannot Be An Animals Rights Person, If You Harm Anyone

People claim to be this activists and that, but all while they harm, cause suffering, play practical jokes and terrorize others. You are only making yourself look good, in a false reality, by doing this. You are NOT an activist of any kind, if you are harming or harassing anyone or anything else. That is the absolute truth.

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  1. Lynn, I commend your obvious quest to reach out to victims and offer help. We would rarely choose this path, but learn to accept it once it becomes ours. Together we will make a difference, the lives you have touched, the lives we seek to touch, and the lives that are touche by others. To solve their source of sorrow is a one time solution, to educate where the answers lie... that is to forever solve.

    I think it is natural for activists to have a surplus of energy and a need for direction. Shall we label them as zealots, or help to guide.

    A very wise person once told me that every experience I have ever had was meant to ready me for this task. I will gladly accept that which honors my daughter as only a father can.

    Your choice to help others as you are is fully understood by few. But to have others fighting the same fight in their own way is so priceless for me.

    Thank you for all that you do, it is far more than you realize, of that I am sure.

    Steve Ingram